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A Declined Loan Doesn't Have to be the Final Answer for Your Client

When a lender declines a loan or does not have a loan product that fits a business’s needs, the client oftentimes switches banks, gets declined again, and may even seek a predatory loan making their situation even worse. Together we provide alternative access to lending with the long term goal of developing a bankable customer in the future.


The Partner Lending Referral Network is a partnership between lenders, economic development agencies and community partners working together to offer business loan solutions for clients you cannot help. When you refer an applicant who does not qualify for a conventional loan you are providing quality customer service that will save your client time and frustration. Retaining your client is essential.

Benefits of Collaborating

The Partner Lending Referral Network provides access to capital for small business owners with unmet needs while giving you a way to maintain good relationships with new and existing clients down the road.    

Benefits to the Lender

Retain your client by offering an alternative lending option through a trusted partner

Develop a bankable client to maintain a strong lasting relationship

Participating with the Partner Lending Referral Network is a CRA eligible activity

Benefits to the Client

Helps your client find the funding they need while maintaining a relationship with their financial institution

Saves your client frustration, money and time from having to shop around

Helps your client avoid predatory or online lenders

Refer a business owner to a partner you can trust.

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Make a Difference​

The CRA encourages lenders to promote the availability of credit to low-and moderate-income communities and underserved segments. Join a strong collaboration of  lenders who are investing in community and economic development.

For CRA evaluations, your bank will receive a letter of collaboration for your public file records.

You decide how your institution will participate. Many lenders are serving their communities in the following ways:

  • Partnering with affiliates to fund loans for clients who will be bankable in the future
  • Investing in community development projects
  • Serving on a regional Advisory Committee
  • Coaching  business owners 

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