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When Communities Collaborate Everyone Benefits!

Small business owners lack access to capital for many reasons. When a lender declines a loan, or does not have a loan product that fits a business’s needs, the client oftentimes switches banks, gets declined again, and then may seek a predatory loan.

Together We Provide Solutions With Ethical Lending Services.

Collaborate Today

You’re invited to join the team as an Economic Development Partner. 

The Partner Lending Referral Network is a collaboration of  lenders  and community partners who refer clients that are unable to qualify for a traditional business loan to economic development agencies for access to capital. 

Community professionals from business’s, cities, counties, and nonprofits are also partners in the network.  

The partnership is truly a collaboration of professionals in the community who refer business owners to trusted sources for funding. 

When communities collaborate everyone benefits! 

It's Simple! Here's How it Works.

Step 1

Sign up as a partner

Step 2

Give the website url to your local financial institution

Step 3

Local financial institution signs up as a lending partner

Step 4

Local financial institution refers client on the website

Step 5

Application process

Benefits of Collaborating

Be the solution to offer access to lending

Provide small business loan solutions when conventional loans aren’t an option

Protect business owners from online or predatory lenders

Develop strong community relationships


Make a Difference​

When Communities Collaborate Everyone Benefits!

Did you know that banks are audited under the Community Reinvestment Act? The Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) encourages lenders to promote the availability of credit to low-and moderate-income communities and under-served segments.

Join us to ensure small business owners and under-served segments have access to capital from a trusted source.


Economic Development Partner Application

Complete this application to sign up as an economic development partner.

The Partner Lending Referral Network is a regional partnership between lenders, community professionals, and economic development agencies working together to foster a thriving business community.

By signing up today, you will be added to your local network. Partners who sign up in your county will be tied to the local network.