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When Communities Collaborate Everyone Benefits!

Business owners need access to capital to start and grow their businesses. There are many reasons that a small business owner is not able to qualify for a traditional business loan. The Partner Lending Referral Network collaborates with community leaders, non profits, and financial institutions to create new lending strategies and build a stronger local economy.

Partnerships Are The Core Of Our Work.

Together We Provide Solutions With Ethical Lending Services.

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The Partner Lending Referral Network is a collaboration of  lenders and community partners who refer clients that may not qualify for traditional business loan offerings to an economic development agency for access to capital.

Community partners from businesses, cities, counties, and nonprofits are also invited to be a part of the network. The partnership is truly a collaboration of professionals in the community who refer business owners to trusted sources for funding.

When communities collaborate everyone benefits!

Here's How it Works


How it Works

  • Lenders, Economic Development Agencies and Community Professionals refer business owners to ethical lending partners through the Partner Lending Referral Network
  • If the business client doesn’t qualify for a traditional business loan, a referral is made to the Partner Lending Referral Network’s website
  • The Partner Lending Referral Network notifies partners when their client referral is received
  • The Partner Lending Referral Network automatically routes the referral to a vetted financial partner for review and determination of eligibility
  • Upon request the referring partner will be notified of the final lending decision

Together we can provide access to lending for commercial customers with the long-term goal of developing a bankable customer.

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You are Invited to Collaborate

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When Communities Collaborate Everyone Benefits!

When communities are working together to support small businesses thus creating job opportunities, the whole community benefits.  That’s the best reason for joining the Partner Lending Referral Network.

 Let’s work together to support our communities.

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